Welcome to Legalcom

Legalcom is a global network of professionals providing advisory services, legal services and public sector communications.

We have more than 150 outstanding professionals working together all over Europe.

At Legalcom, we understand that partnering with our clients is not a nicety but rather, a necessity. We become an extension of your communications staff, and, as a full-service agency, we offer many services that support and extend your existing business. Since 2003, Legalcom has been helping legal and technology companies articulate compelling stories. In a legal e-justice world, Legalcom helps companies translate technical innovation into market advantage.

Legalcom grasps what clients want and creates commercial opportunities for them that will advance their business objectives. We do not waste our clients' time or money. Whether they're start-ups, mid-sized companies or large corporations, our clients are all in a race.

We have created a Legalcom firm because you need results, fast.